How my four-year-old's questions have me thinking about the spectrum of completely realistic to obviously made up, and the magic of fiction that feels true (or doesn't!)
My drafting process, and how a piece of dialogue I didn't remember writing got me thinking about bravery
Behind-the-scenes tidbits about my about-to-release book + updates on virtual and in-person events
And other reflections on the frustration and beauty of learning at our own pace, in our own way
How this beloved picture book got me thinking about the unhelpful ways we talk about being jealous and why we should change our tune
I’ve been thinking lately about how books can be like time capsules. I got this idea from one of my favorite podcasts, First Draft with Sarah Enni…
Years ago, when I was in Vermont for the summer residency portion of my MFA program, my roommate and I wanted to open a bottle of wine but didn’t have a…
Hello there! I’m so glad you’re reading my brand-new newsletter. Let’s start with a little background on the newsletter name and what you’ll find here…
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Overthinking It