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Laurie, you’ve always struck me as someone with courage. Maybe that’s what makes your writing so powerful and authentic. You’re not afraid to talk about difficult subjects, which is why COMING UP SHORT is so painfully real.

I stop and start when I draft. I didn’t think this would happen but I’m much less of a pantser than I used to be. I also think that once I hit 50 pages I have something. Sadly I have a bunch of abandoned stories that are around the 19-30 page mark.

You mentioned writing concisely, and wondering if you give your stories enough of a chance because you don’t have chapters to toss. You’re written several novels, so you know what you’re looking for in the stories you tell. I cut one chapter out of my WIP (for the sake of pace) that will probably get added back in.

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Thank you, Linda! I'm definitely a lot less of a pantser than I used to be, too. Really appreciate your kind words!

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Love this, Laurie. As I'm drafting a new novel, it helps to me to remember that sometimes we need to slow down, push ourselves further, and not rush to settle at "good."

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